Sunday, January 3, 2016

What is Momentzia ?

Photographs are frozen moments, and when you look into them, they become stories. But every individual has a different perspective of narrating a story. So when it comes to our lives, how do we choose our narrator(read photographer) ?Hence, to make life simpler, Momentzia brings forth a platform, where you find a number of photographers from different fields of specialization, for e.g. Candid wedding photography, fashion photography,wildlife photography, etc. all under one roof.

When you engage with us at Momentzia, you get an opportunity to compare and review photographers before choosing the best that suits you to make your special day even more emotional and beautiful, then whether its your wedding, or a photo shoot for your first product launch or a shoot for your modeling assignment. We ensure a trustworthy experience to all our clients, as all our listings are made only after complete verification of the photographers. Meeting all our client's needs and expectations in their budget is our priority.

Momentzia also provides a solid platform to all the talented photographers who wish to create an impact in todays unorganized photography industry. We give an opportunity to all the young photographers to showcase their talent. For details on business listings, please get in touch with our team and we would be happy to assist you.

Apart from all this, we also provide a one stop solution for all other photography needs such as workshops, exhibitions, etc. For people who are interested, the more you want, the more we provide.

Happy Exploring!!


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    1. Thanks Dipannita.. Will get in touch with you...