Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's not what you see...It's the way you see...

Quite often we come across articles/posts/updates that say, ‘Whoever owns a DSLR, is a photographer,’ or that it is one of the easiest things to do. To every person with such an opinion, I would like to say, please read and find out a little more about this art.

Yes, everybody can click pictures. And, with the advancement of technology and easy availability of simple software, editing pictures also appear a cakewalk to most. But it is only a truly talented photographer who can make the most mundane and ordinary subjects look ethereally beautiful. One needs an eye and not just a camera. Also, why can’t people who can afford one, invest in a DSLR solely to capture moments? It might only be a hobby for them. Or, maybe, just another expensive gadget in their collection.

Clicking outstanding images does not only involve looking into a camera. Right from the way you hold your apparatus, to the angle in which you look, to the frame, the composition, the shutter speed, the lens used, the shot, the post-processing- it’s not easy at all. It really requires a proper understanding of the art.

Some respect, please!

Author: Garimma Agarwal

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