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Five Things That You Learn After Being A Travel Photographer

Travel photography being recognized as a full time profession is a blessing to the tourism industry across the world. So as more and more people are taking Travel Photography as a serious profession, we would like to add that it is a profession that not just helps you in paying all your bills, but also allows you to discover yourself and enriches your life. It gives you an opportunity to experience those moments of life which you would have not thought of otherwise. Below are five most important things (the list is endless) that you learn once you step into it.

             1. Go slow and live the moment

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Patience is the key. You can’t be a part of a mad rat race and enjoy your trip both at the same time.  You need to slow down and give enough time to absorb the surroundings.  Spend some time and pay attention to the smells, scenery and noises around you so that these small things become a part of your memory. Leave all your worries behind once you have left home and be a part of the place where you are, whole heartedly.

1               2. Be confident and make friends

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It is only your self confidence that keeps you going in an unknown land. Trust yourself and follow your intuitions. Talk to strangers, make them your friends and try to obtain as much information as you can about the place where you are. The locals tell you so much about the place and culture that no travel website or magazine can ever tell you.  In the process you will make few amazing friends and create memories to cherish for lifetime.  They become some of the most valued ones in your address book.

             3. Doing all the things that were being put off 

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This is one of those professions that give you enough opportunity to visit all those places where you always wanted to go. There is freedom to do some of those things that were put aside due to restrictions and responsibilities at home. There is enough time to re-discover your interest and hobbies which were lost over the years. So make maximum use of this opportunity and don’t let time slip out of your hand.

               4. Learning and development 

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Being a travel photographer, you are blessed with opportunities for self growth. There’s something satisfying when you can show off in front of your folks that you can speak a number of languages. Throwing around a few Greek or Spanish words leaves you with that little pleasure. You become more open to their language and their culture.
Also, there is a different sense of satisfaction, when a mountaineer gives you some free tips on mountaineering while shooting them, or when a farmer gives you some advice on how to keep your pulses safe at home or when some great chef teaches you some cookery lessons.

               5. Being sensitive 

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It is only when you move out of your comfort area, you realize how blessed you are. When you see people with so little, enjoying their life so much more, you start valuing what you have. Travel opens your eyes to small, ordinary things of life-things that are undervalued, but have great significance. You become more sensitive towards waiters, chauffeurs, florists, vendors and all other people whom we interact to on a regular basis but don’t pay much attention. You develop a deeper sense of respect for them.

Author : Anuja Agarwal

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